Truck Reception Area

June 2017

The truck reception area was executed with paving stone covering. This proved problematic because of the low load-capacity of the ground. Energocell® foam glass granules of 200 kg/m³ loose bulk density were distributed as a bedding layer. The material was compacted in two layers with different thicknesses (ranging from 28 to 23 cm). Above and under the foam glass layer geotextile sheets of 200g/m² were laid. The bottom geotextile sheet prevents the mixing of the foam glass with the soil, and the top geotextile sheet prevents the washing in of the fine fractions from under the paving - in time this might lead to the settlement of the pavement. The blanket course of fine fractions was distributed on the top geotextile layer, and 10 cm thick paving stones were embedded in it.