Construction Works of a Dome House in Nyúl

July 2018

At this point the underground level of stage 1. can be seen. In some places the excavation of fertile soil exceeded 3 meters in depth, to reach under ground level. On this level a strip foundation was executed and filled with granules in a 23-cm compacted layer. The granules were placed on the undisturbed soil. On this layer a 12 cm thick reinforced concrete slab was placed, followed by the waterproofing insulation and a 6 cm thick blind concrete.

An interesting feature of the structure is that between the reinforced concrete slab and the blind concrete no thermal insulation has been placed, since this is solved by the foam glass installed underneath. Using this method, according to the architect, a so-called "thermal storage" will be created, because the thicker the concrete, the slower it grows cool.

In the second stage, the thermal insulation under the reinforced concrete slab of the solid ground floor is provided by Energocell® foam glass granules.

The 23-cm layer of foam glass granules were placed and compacted in two layers, as with the thermal insulation of the underground level.

At ground level the drain pipes were embedded in the foam glass granule layer, because there was not enough room for them in the 6-cm screed on the slab.