About Us

In 2014 Energocell Kft. has set itself the goal to produce foam glass by processing waste glass.. As a first step in achieving this goal we have established in the same year a research and development laboratory in Debrecen, with the objective to develop waste glass re-utilization by increasing its environmental value, which is known as upcycling. From a pollutant that otherwise negatively impacts the environment we produce a useful insulating and road backfill material.

The Energocell® foam glass granules are tested and qualified according to the strictest European regulations governing product certification.

However, the mission of our research and development laboratory hasn't been fulfilled by the launching of the foam glass granules production, but it continues with the development of new and innovative solutions.

In collaboration with specialists from the country and abroad, our laboratory has developed from 2014 the technical and professional background for launching the production plant, which provides the framework for continuous research.

For the scope of manufacturing and selling thermally insulating foam glass products for building purposes we have introduced and run a quality control system and an environmental management system. Proof has been furnished by means of an audit, that the system complies with the requirements of the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 and MSZ EN ISO 14001:2015 standards. 

We believe that foam glass applications open new dimensions in the building industry.

Fields of Use

You may find here a non-exhaustive presentation of the fields of use:

Environmental Impact 

The future of environmental protection lies in energy efficiency and landfill reduction through recycling, by either increasing (upcycling) or reducing (downcycling) the environmental value of a product. The Energocell® foam glass granules and boards are an outstanding example of upcycling (increased environmental value).

By manufacturing our product, we greatly contribute to the reduction of both energy and landfill use because the raw material of foam glass is 100% waste glass. Our technology offers solutions to several environmental protection issues, and other environment burdening phenomena as well. Glass waste seriously damages the environment: as an inorganic material it never degrades, and constantly burdens the environment.

The raw material of foam glass is 100% used glass, and the manufacturing does not require colour sorting. We use flat glass and container glass among others, but based on our ongoing research we will soon be able to reuse hazardous waste glass as well (e.g. CRT screen glass waste). The constant supply of raw material is ensured by our long-term agreements with a number of waste management organizations.

The foam glass opens revolutionary and new paths in building energetics for the domestic construction sector as well. One example could be the advanced integration of the Energocell® foam glass into the currently researched sustainable and nearly zero-energy buildings.