Waste glass preparation

Waste glass pretreatment
Waste glass undergoes a serious cleaning process. We remove any foreign impurities (e. g. magnetisable and non-magnetisable metals, fragments of stone, concrete, plastic, paper, wood, soil etc.) by hand-sorting and magnetic separators to render the cleaned waste glass suitable for grinding. The feeder hopper shown in the picture holds enough waste glass for continuous operation over one shift.

Fine cleaning of waste glass
To ensure high quality, fine cleaning is carried out with own-developed cleaning equipment. No water is used in the process, and we only apply this dry process. Our machines carry out the process with a high degree of safety and to high quality standards without human supervision.

Waste glass before and after cleaning

Mill unit
Following the cleaning processes, an in-house engineered HPGR mill produces the glass powder of the grade required for foam glass production. Because of the highly abrasive effect of glass particles, on the surface of the rollers hardfacing weld ridges are applied. Given how time-consuming welding can be, we prefer to carry it out by using our own patented automatic welding system.