Foam Glass Manufacturing

The glass powder prepared by the Energocell® foam glass factory of Daniella Ipari Park Kft. is "baked" in a tunnel furnace (custom built, based on our own experiments) at a pre-programmed heating curve that generates the foam glass. When the glass powder mixture reaches the desired temperature, it starts to foam without releasing any toxic gases, and transforms into the foam glass as we know it. The heating procedure takes place in an electrical furnace without industrial water pollution, burning emissions or noise and dust pollution. The manufacturing process as a whole is quiet, and does not cause any environmental disturbances.

The amount of (primary) energy needed for the production of the Energocell® foam glass granules and boards is very low, only about 140 KWh/m³. It is one of the insulation materials with the lowest manufacturing energy requirements. In contrast, the thermal needs of plastic foaming (see polystyrene) or other types of glass foaming exceed 1500 kWh/m³ (a ten-fold of the primary energy needs).

The most significant advantage of our specially developed tunnel furnace is that its so-called primary energy needs are about one tenth of that of the styrene thermal insulation materials, namely 140 KWh/m³ versus approx. 1400 KWh/m³.