Research & Development

We're constantly looking for new opportunities to expand our application technologies, and experimenting on how to create new materials or fields of uses, which is the case of the foam glass slab as well.

Foam glass products have a wide range of applications in: insulating layers under concrete bases of buildings, industrial halls; noise barriers; green roof insulations; road- and railway construction as soil-stabilizers; sports ground, ice rink or swimming pool insulation; lightweight buldings as wall and floor fillers; heated ramp and utilities construction as well.

Foam glass boards and all related application opportunities represent the access to a new market segment. Therefore, our research and development team expends a great deal of energy on achieving this goal in the future. 

One of the key concepts of our company philosophy is sustainability. In our system, environmental criteria are always a priority, that govern everything from the collection and consequent processing of the raw material to the manufacturing of the finished product.

Our product supports new paths in building energy related applications. The production technology developed by our company is one of the most recently developed solutions that are both economically and socially useful. 

We believe in and we are confident about a future that is more waste-free and environmentally aware, a future that we may create faster and more efficiently together, and through the input of our company.

Energocell products are the green future.