Agora Budapest Business Center

The Agora Budapest Business Center was built in the 13th district of Budapest. The office complex offers elegant and modern office spaces for both old and new companies in Budapest. Under the building complex a multi-level underground garage is located, that extends bellow the inner park and fountain as well. For relieving the loads on the closing slab of the underground garage a lightweight material had to be used, and the Energocell foam glass granules, due to their low specific weight/density (150-175 kg/m3), high load-bearing capacity, thermal insulation properties and cost-efficiency, proved to be the best option. In some places, the technical equipment was laid in the Energocell filling layer, and the slopes under them were provided by the sand bedding. The compaction of the granules did not damage the technical equipment in any way.

The closing slab of the underground garage was covered with a bitumen waterproofing sheet, on which protective boarded insulation, and a geotextile for separation was laid, on this the foam glass granules were incorporated, covered with a gap filling layer of fine fractions. Finally, the surface was paved with stones, and on fertile soil backfill the green surface was created.

Next to the no. 3 subway line underpass, there was an approx. 2.5-m pit, that needed foam glass granule filling at the bottom, and fertile soil filling at the upper level, for the root system of the threes.