Energocell® Filling for Load Relieving on an Underground Garage Slab

Fourth quarter of 2018

The development of the 17,000 m², 3 level deep underground garage with 525 parking lot under the József nádor square was followed by the reorganizing works of the aboveground surface. Due to the slopes of the surface, between the upper closing garage slab and the pavement on the top the differences in level vary between 2-2.5 meters.

Before the ground levelling works - following the testing of the filling -, the beneficiary decided to partially replace with lightweight Energocell® foam glass granules the existing filling, to prevent the overloading of the garage ceiling. Depending on the layer-thickness variations needed, our product reduced the weight of the filling, and a mass from 450 to 1,575 kg/sqm was reached.

Given the slopes on the surface, and to compensate the loads under the surface, the Energocell® foam glass granules were used in a 20-70-cm thick compacted layer.

The recommended compaction rate of 1:1.3, and the specified load bearing capacity value of E2=46 Mpa was reached by compaction in layers of 20 cm with a 3.5-tonne roller.

To prevent the washing in of the fill in the future a geotextile sheet was used. The total quantity of 2,100 m³ incorporated material was delivered in bulk in units of 60 m³, and daily quantities of 60-120 m³.

The Energocell® foam glass granules, if built in adequately, not only relieve the fill, but also create a thermally insulating layer for the structural elements.