"Breathing" Floor with Energocell® 

January 2019

In Erdősmecske, a village in Baranya county, a farmhouse was restored with foam glass granules.

The number one priority of the German client was to keep the "climate" of the adobe house. For this purpose, the transformation of all internal areas and walls are carried out with great care. And the floor was also included in this process.

The old clay floor was excavated 25-cm deep, to provide enough space for a new structure of layers. The owner insisted during the construction of the new layer structure, that the floor remains "breathable", air-permeable.

Which was acquired by preparing a 10-cm thick compacted layer of foam glass on a geotextile separator spread on the soil. On this layer, 50x100 floor beams were placed, and the spaces between them were filled with foam glass granules.

The floor beams were then covered with another geotextile - to prevent potential dust propagation -, and as a final covering the strip floorboards were installed. In the wet rooms, bricks laid in fines were used to cover the foam glass.