Facade Covering in Nagykanizsa

April 2019

When Creativity Meets Energocell®

The investor of an apartment building built from quality materials and with adequate expertise, was confronted with a difficult situation generated by the condition of the neighbouring building's façade.

Regrettably the owner of the old building did not give permission for using board insulation on the façade wall, and the investor had to find another solution.

After discovering the Energocell® foam glass, they were no longer in doubt about what to use for this "reconstructive surgery".

First, they constructed a stainless-steel frame, on which a weather resistant 5x5 welded metal mesh was fixed.

Next, they simply filled with the Energocell® foam glass granules the space of varying thicknesses between the structure and the façade wall. And behold: what a nice looking façade they've turned it into!