Flat-roof of a luxury apartment building in Balatonberény

April 2019

The Energocell® foam granules were used for the levelling of a flat roof over a building of 80 apartments. The residential building from 1970 was extensively refurbished and fitted out.

The flat roof was no exception, because the slopes and the water drainage made 49 years ago no longer satisfy contemporary expectations. The rainwater used to be drained from the roof through internal piping, therefore the constructor needed something to fill in the slopes built at that time.

Several materials were considered before the works started, but either their load bearing capacity or the load they would have imposed on the old roof structure wasn't acceptable, which brought in focus the Energocell® foam glass granules. The old 10 to 20 cm slopes were filled in with the foam glass granules, and on this a concrete course for the waterproofing was placed, by which the slopes for the new point drainage system were also created.