Hall Construction in Pécs

May 2019

In the reference project completed in the industrial district of Pécs the Energocell® was incorporated in April 2019. The thermal insulation covering the entire floor of the heated part of the building of nearly 1.900 m² complies with the Hungarian Minister Without Portfolio's Decree 7/2006, which provides that the entire floor area of heated industrial halls be thermally insulated.

The hall part of the building is intended for the manufacturing of metal structures, and the storage of large surface steel products, therefore the buyer established the useful load at 5 tonne/m². The material was incorporated using a double-drum vibratory road roller. As the photos illustrate it is not recommended to drive the front-end loader directly onto the granules; however, a 20-25 cm layer of sandy gravel provides sufficient mechanical protection for the 20-cm compacted granule layer, and even a mixer can circulate on it without any difficulties during the floorworks.