Industrial Hall in Százhalombatta

October 2020

In October 2020 works on the extension of a new industrial hall have started. On the compacted soil surface a 25-cm thick Energocell® bedding layer was built, on which, to achieve a higher E2 value, another 35-cm base layer was placed.

Layer order:

  • crust reinforced concrete / PVC covering

  • 20-cm steel fibre reinforced, cast-in-place concrete slabű

  • 1 layer of damp-proofing insulation against soil moisture

  • ≥ 35 cm sandy gravel bedding, compacted layer by layer; Trγ ≥ 95 % according to the structural design

  • ≥ 25 cm compacted Energocell foam glass

  • 1 geotextile layer

  • Compaction of the existing soil, subgrade level, according to the earthworks plan.