Lightweight filling in Balatonszőlős

November 2020

The filling over the basement of a hillside family house in Balatonszőlős needed to be replaced. Given that the original approx. 1-m backfill loaded excessively the basement slab, the designing architect proposed the installation of ENERGOCELL® granules, that are ten times lighter than the initial backfill. The lateral support of the foam glass is provided by limestone retaining walls, and this allowed for performing compaction with a vibratory plate.

The layer structure of the backfill was the following:

  • 3,5 cm artificial turf

  • 13-23,5 cm gravel base layer

  • 1 layer of geotextile

  • 1 layer of PVC waterproofing membrane (2 mm)

  • 7-17,5 cm sloping concrete

  • 1 layer of PE film

  • 95-136 cm Energocell® foam glass granules

  •  1 layer of PE film

  • existing slab