Lightweight filling on the roof terrace of the Hungexpo CK hall


The Hungexpo project needs no introduction, it is one of the largest investments at present in Hungary. On the roof terrace of the CK building, on a 2000 m2 surface 500-m3 foam glass granules were used as a light fill. Thanks to the low specific weight of 150-175 kg/m3 the loads imposed by the material on the roof slab are quite low.

The roof layer structure:

  • paving stones

  • bedding layer - 5 cm

  • geotextile

  • compacted Energocell foam glass layer - 15-25 cm

  • geotextile

  • XPS thermal insulation - 22 cm

  • bitumen waterproofing - 2 layers

  • slope concrete - 5-15 cm

  • anti-vapour membrane

  • slab