60 EUR+VAT/m³

Energocell® granules

(10-60 mm, 150-175 kg/m³)

In bulk

(60 EUR+VAT/m³)

In 3-m³ big bag

(210 EUR+VAT/pc)

In 1-m³ big bag

(76 EUR+VAT/pc)

  • Granules:              60 EUR+VAT/m³

  • Transport organisation: upon request. 

  • Granules:              60 EUR+VAT/m³

  • 3-m³ big bag:        24 EUR+VAT/pc
  • Single-use pallet:    6 EUR+VAT/pc

  • Transport organisation: upon request. (it does not include the unloading of the big bags).

  • Granules:               60 EUR+VAT/m³
  • 1-m³ big bag:          16 EUR+VAT/pc
  • Delivered without pallets.
  • Transport organisation: upon request (it does not include the unloading of the big bags).


To order foam glass granules, please fill, sign and send us the form to the

 e-mail address.

Other information


  • The unloading of the goods delivered in big bags is the responsibility of the Buyer.

Big bags in good condition are taken back at the ENERGOCELL PLANT in EBES.

Redemption fees:

  • 3-m³ big bag: 13 EUR+VAT/pc
  • 1-m³ big bag:   7 EUR+VAT/pc