Renovation of the Archdiocesan Archive in Veszprém

October 2019

The building from the 1700s in the historical city center of Veszprém accomodates the Archdiocesan Archive and is undergoing extensive renovation works. During the renovation the old floor layer structure will also be renewed. According to the requirements, in the new layer structure thermal insulation needs to be included, and as a result the Energocell® foam glass granules were incorporated in a compacted layer of 20 cm for thermal insulation. In this project the following material properties played a major role:

  • lightweight (150 - 175 kg/m³)
  • vapour-permeability
  • drainage capability
  • no excess moisture is introduced into the building during the construction of the layer structure

On the Energocell® a reinforced concrete base course is built with cold floor covering, and in some places synthetic resin as the final covering. The foam glass granules were delivered directly to the building site in 3-m³ big bags, and the material was conveyed into the building using a crane and a chute.