Residential Building in Gödöllő

August 2020

"We used foam glass for a house extension project in Gödöllő.

The existing approx. 40 m2 building with brick walls was completed with another 40 m2. The extension was built on continuous foundation, and the footing walls were made of masonry blocks filled with foam glass granules to approx. 30-35 cm. The filling was compacted mechanically on the receiving surface, and in an approx. 30-cm sunken band along the internal side of the footing walls. After covering the surface with a geotextile, the material was laid manually, because the building site was not directly accessible with lifting machinery. The compaction was performed mechanically and in two stages (on layers of approx. 20 cm). After reaching the receiving level, the surface was covered with a PE membrane, and the concrete blinding layer was executed." (József, the owner)