Single-family home by the water in Balatonszepezd

May 2019

The ENERGOCELL® foam glass granules were built in under the foundation of a waterside family home in Balatonszepezd.

The granules were incorporated in a 30-cm thick compacted layer in between the beams of the foundation grid. This solution complies with the cost-optimal requirement level provided for by the EU legislation, according to which "the heat transmission coefficient of the building floor has to be nearly zero."

The benefits of a layer structure including foam glass granules:

  • it doesn't shrink;
  • it's pest-resistant;
  • there's no need to increase the thickness of the boarded insulation under the blind concrete, moreover it can be minimized, which prevents subsidence over time;
  • the number of brick rows can be reduced together with the costs associated;
  • it is a thermally insulating material produced from glass waste by recycling.