Single-family Home in Ágfalva

June 2019

"A Family Home for the Future"

This family home was built in Ágfalva village, near Sopron, planned with high quality building materials, and state of the art technical content. The owner dreamed of a family living space that is cost-effectively sustainable on the long term, and for this reason the thermal insulation of the building was given great importance. Consequently, between the foundation strips of the the 180 m² building ENERGOCELL® foam glass granules were incorporated in a 35-cm compacted layer. They incorporated the foam glass in a 50-cm compacted layer in a band along the inner side of the footing. In this manner they assured the adequate thermal insulation of the floor. At the same time in the internal layer structure, filled up to the top plane of the installation pipes, it minimizes the insulation needed under the blind concrete, and this way it prevents subsidence over time.