Temporary Customs Storage Facility in Győr 

April 2020

For the thermal insulation of the solid ground floor of a 650-m2 storage hall in Győr the constructor incorporated a 20-cm compacted foam glass granule layer, as specified in the project. The compaction of the foam glass was carried out with a 12-tonne combination roller and a 250-kg vibratory plate. With the function of the hall in mind the architectural firm set out the following layer structure:

  •  20 cm steel fibre-reinforced industrial floor
  • 2 layers of PE film

  • 20 cm crushed stone

  • 25 cm stone rubble

  • 20 cm Energocell foam glass granules, compacted at a 1:1.4 rate

  • 20 cm stone rubble

  • subsoil