Nursery School Renovation in Veszprém 

The Energocell® foam glass granules were used for the renovation of a nursery school in the Cserhát neighbourhood of Veszprém. To replace the vertical insulation of the footing the designer placed the Energocell® granules in a 20-cm horizontal layer under the pavement, wrapped in geotextile after compaction. On the layer covered with geotextile a base layer of fine fractions was placed, on which the pavement was installed.

The layer structure built in this manner is a simple and efficient solution, because - as opposed to insulation boards - it doesn't require the digging out of a 1.5-m trench along the footing, and the same layer structure provides the pavement bedding too. The close-cell structure of the Energocell® prevents water absorption, therefore it is not affected by freeze-thaw cycles.