The Restoration of the Wenckheim Castle in Szabadkígyós

January 2020

The Wenckheim Castle in Szabadkígyós was restored as part of the national castle and palace renovation program. The floor needed to be replaced in most of the building areas, given that the filling between the vaults and the beams proved statically inadequate within the building structure. To relieve the loads on the vaults the constructor used Energocell® foam glass granules, because with their 150-175 kg/m³ specific weight, easy workability, and competitive price they proved to be the best solution.

The expanded clay aggregate, EPS thermal insulation and mineral wool specified in the approved design details were replaced, all 3 by 1 Energocell® layer, because in the loose state it follows easily the vault geometry, and it serves as thermal insulation and noise barrier, therefore the use of any other material is unnecessary.

By delivering it in 60 m³ units transportation costs were kept at a low level. 

They've placed in the Energocell® granule layer joists on which the strip floorboards were placed.