Thermal Insulation Under a Hall Floor in Kaposvár

In Kaposvár, on a 1,400 m2 area the most recent point of sale of the JYSK chain is under construction. The Energocell® foam glass granules were used for the insulation of the hall floor, because of their easy workability and cost-efficiency. Under the slab a foundation of a beam grid supported by piles was built. According to the request of the beneficiary the floor load capacity was established at 10 kN/m2. In knowledge of the compression moduli (E2) measured on the subsoil, and expected on the bedding, Energocell delivered together with the good product a bedding layer structure recommendation to facilitate design works.  

On the foam glass layer a higher than required compression modulus was measured: E2=59 Mpa.

The layer structure recommended by Energocell is the following:

  • industrial floor (according to statics plans)
  • PE film
  • 25 cm continuously-graded stone rubble base of 0/56 (E2=90 Mpa)
  • 25 cm Energocell of 10-60 mm, compacted at 1:1.4 (E2=50 Mpa)
  • geotextile layer of 200 g/m2
  • compacted subsoil (E2=35 Mpa)

The Energocell team received the following feedback from the constructor (Benedek Generál):

"The workability of the product is very good, it was easy and fast to work with, and its compaction factor is also excellent. We plan on using this product in our future projects too. Delivery was also sufficiently fast."