Hungaropharma Zrt. Storage Hall Extension in Debrecen 

November 2018

In order to increase the storage capacities of Hungaropharma Zrt. a storage hall with a 616 m² useful floor area was built. The architectural plans were designed by the Attila és Attila Építésziroda architectural firm. The building plans were designed in accordance with the cost-optimal requirement level provided for by the Hungarian Minister Without Portfolio's Decree 7/2006 TNM. Because of the tempering of the building structure, the expected heat transmission coefficient reflecting the thermal insulation performance of the floor was 0.3 W/m²k. Therefore, Energocell® Foam Glass Granules of 150-175 kg/m³ bulk density in a 20 cm thick compacted layer was established in the final layer structure of the floor.

Apart from the thermal insulation performance, compliance with the relevant static requirements was also an important aspect of the layer structure. The aim was to construct the following layer structure, that is suitable for the loads imposed by rack feet and forklifts:


The load-bearing capacity of the floor built in this manner is higher than in applications with boarded insulation. This way there is no need to additionally reinforce the floor, because the use of plastic or steel fiber is enough. The coarse-grained bedding layer of 15 cm built on the foam glass can fulfill this way several functions. First, this protects mechanically the foam glass layer against the loads and mechanic impacts caused by circulation during construction works; second, it increases the load-bearing capacity of the foam glass layer; third, it reduces the stress generated by the floor loads and transmitted to the foam glass layer.

Further advantages of the bedding layer structured in this manner: there is no need to additionally reinforce the floor, because the use of plastic or steel fiber is enough, and the use of a concrete pump is also unnecessary.