Low energy house in Buda 

March 2017

We delivered our first foam glass shipment to Buda on the 10 th of March 2017, for it to be used as insulation under the raft foundation of a single-family house. The goal of the family was to build a low energy home, and the Energocell® foam glass granules proved to be the perfect choice. A total amount of 95 m³ of 10/60 size granules was incorporated under the house by using a 200-kg manual vibratory plate compactor.

The foundation works of the nearly 150 m² house began with the excavation of the building pit for the bedding layer. Due to the sloping of the plot at the back of the house propping with masonry blocks was necessary. At the next stage, the infrastructure for building service installations was integrated. Then the lining of the building pit followed with a 200g/m² geotextile sheet, allowing an additional 50-cm edge to overlap beyond the pit margins. After finishing the preparation works the placing of the foam glass began. To obtain the appropriate strength and thermal insulation values we placed the foam glass in three layers, compacted to a degree of 30%. The combined thickness of the layers reached 45 cm, providing a suitably strong bedding for the building, and also an appropriate insulation under the raft foundation.