Plant Capacity Extension at Schaeffler Savaria in Szombathely

March 2019

The Schaeffler Savaria company needed to extend the capacity of its production plant in Szombathely by building a 300 m² repair shop area. The layer structure of the industrial floor of the workshop was initially designed with board insulation.

On the request of the construction company, and with the approval of the architect, the board insulation was replaced with a 25-cm compacted layer of Energocell® for thermal insulation. The granules were compacted at 1:1.4 with a 400-kg vibratory plate, and as a result the layer fulfils even the energetic expectations in the initial plans.

The developer has chosen the foam glass granules, because it is not just a thermally insulating material, but also serves as a bedding layer. In contrast with the conventional layer structure, execution is faster: with one material, and in one work process several materials, and processes can be replaced.

Las but not least: this solution allowed the developer to construct a more economic layer structure.