Foam Glass Granules Used in Beam Grid Foundation

May 2018

Project description:
In Nemesvámos, a village near Balaton, the first public building made of hempcrete, the Fehérlófia Waldorf School and Preschool. The project is implemented in several stages; during the first stage a classroom building is constructed.

The hempcrete becomes harder over time, and it acquires the hardness of the limestone. These walls provide good thermal insulation, are vapour-permeable, and have vapour control properties, that is easy to handle, and what's more, the lime disinfects the air.

The building plans were drafted by architects Nóbik Orsolya and Perjés Dóra, and they've fully implemented the investor's ecological views. This way the most desirable environment possible was created for the children.

The ENERGOCELL® foam glass granules are completely in line with the investor's and the architects' view, because they are produced by recycling waste glass.

The foam glass granules as thermal insulation and bedding material were used between, under and along the beams of the foundation grid in a 30-cm thick layer. 

The solution is also compliant with regulations (Decree 7/2006 TNM) setting out that the heat transmission coefficients of all new buildings with floors laid on the soil should correspond to the U=0.3 W/m2K value.